Vector Center: AI-Powered Realtime Environmental Risk Intelligence

AI-Powered Situational Awareness

In an era of unprecedented disruptions, Vector Center helps companies, institutions, and governments navigate and mitigate profound water and systemic risks. With decades of experience and our revolutionary Perception Reality Engine™, we provide real-time, contextualized intelligence for decision-makers about water and intersecting threats around the globe at a moment when risks are becoming realities.

Our unique approach combines state of the art satellite data, social sentiment analysis, and on-the-ground investigative research backed by a network of best-in-class, purpose-driven innovators at the forefront of sustainability, analytics, and global trends.

Situational awareness gaps can lead to

Operational Failures

due to climate change

Political Risks

driven by news and policy

Reputational Risks

from resource competition

Civil Unrest

from population and demographic shifts

Supply Chain Disruptions

from unexpected floods and droughts

“We are entering an exciting era of accelerated innovation and problem-solving. But to be successful, we need to understand our starting points, understand the connections between issues, and set high expectations for ourselves and our institutions.”

 – J. Carl Ganter, Founder, Vector Center


Our AI-powered tools measure the delta between sentiment and trusted data to deliver real-time, decision-grade intelligence and foresight in actionable context for businesses, governments, and institutions.


Sentiment analysis

Saying, thinking, feeling


Science and data

Trusted sources from satellite to the ground


What’s happening on the ground

Who’s doing what and why

Intelligence Projects and Advisory Services

Intelligence Projects are customized on-the-ground projects that delve deep into issues or geographies. Advisory Services are outcome-oriented gatherings focused on solving critical water and related issues.