J. Carl Ganter at Techonomy 2018

Vector Center founder and CEO, J. Carl Ganter, to speak at Techonomy 18

As part of our ongoing partnership with Circle of Blue, Vector Center and Circle of Blue’s founder, J. Carl Ganter, will be speaking on Designing Water’s Future, as part of Techonomy’s 2018 fall event: Harnessing Tech for Responsible Growth.

Ganter will take the stage on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, to discuss the growing threat of water scarcity in developed and developing economies, and the role of design, data analysis, and story telling in solving the world’s water crises. Earlier this year, Ganter spoke at Techonomy’s New York City session, where he discussed the ongoing water challenges facing India, Peru, China, and other countries.

“When we can actually bring it together and align the stories with the trusted reporting and trusted data, then we can connect the stories, connect the data, put it in context, and understand and inform the conversation, so we’re making decisions in near real time and listening better to the planet and ourselves,” Ganter told the audience earlier this year.

Following the conversation live on Twitter with hashtag: #Techonomy2018.

Designing Water’s Future:

Water scarcity is disrupting energy production, triggering food shortages, upending economic development and threatening political stability. The impacts are being felt everywhere, as recent droughts and floods triggered serious disruptions, political unrest, and epic human migration. We need to redesign water’s future.