Rohit Adlakha

Rohit Adlakha

Advisor; Former Chief Digital & Information Officer and Global Head, Wipro HOLMES™


Rohit Adlakha, as the Chief Digital & Information Officer and Global Head, Wipro HOLMES™ was at the forefront of Wipro’s digital journey. Enhanced user experience, security, business-alignment with operational rigor are the mantras he believes in. Reimagining, Redesigning and Reengineering the business, his vision is to earn the trust of customers, partners and employees with best in class execution.

Leading Wipro HOLMES™ Artificial Intelligence Platform and Automation Ecosystem, Rohit was driving the new paradigm of Economics, Efficiency and Experience. As the leader of Wipro’s most transformative theme, Rohit helped clients reimagine and execute their digital strategies, overcome internal and cultural challenges and make AI and Automation all pervasive. With a personal value system of social responsibility along with integrity and empathy, he championed a compassionate and socially relevant face of AI through Wipro HOLMES™ for a Cause.

Rohit has 25 years of diversified experience, and over the years has held several key positions across sales, solutioning, delivery and P&L management. In the last two decades, Rohit has incubated and scaled several businesses from infancy. Rohit believes in building high-performance teams and collaborating across the ecosystem to maximize value.