AI-Powered situational awareness for rapid course correction

The Perception Reality Engine™

Vector Center’s AI-powered Perception Reality Engine codifies decades of experience to strategically sift through troves of satellite and on-the-ground data as well as news, social media, and other streams to uniquely provide decision-grade intelligence in context for top executives and operational leaders as they need it.

Clients receive a focused, contextualized portal and alerts with up-to-the minute, decision-grade intelligence needed to effectively manage risks and course-correct for supply chain disruptions, business continuity, and brand value.

A Risk Management and Foresight Revolution

The PRE is based on earlier work with U.S. Army Geospatial, Qlik, Columbia University, NASA and others, who with support from the Clinton Global Initiative, developed the world’s first global groundwater data dashboard. This focused project showed the potential of uniting historical data, with real-time, on-the-ground reporting to enhance public engagement.

Today, leveraging Microsoft Azure, PRE applies machine and deep learning on an Analytics as a Service (AaaS) platform that combines reality data (satellite, white papers, reports, local data) with perception data (social media feeds, traditional news feeds, corporate and government press releases, sentiment indicators) to produce an overall picture of what’s actually happening in real time, to better see threats and forestall water related crises.”


Sentiment analysis

Saying, thinking, feeling


Science and data

Trusted sources from satellite to the ground


What’s happening on the ground

Who’s doing what and why

The Problem: Dangerous Situational Awareness Gaps Exist, with Data:

  • Siloed

    Disparate and misaligned

  • Delayed or Slow

    Decision-making is reactive, not predictive

  • Out of Context

    Not immediately actionable for location, facilities, supply chains, or operational risks

  • Disconnected

    Saying, thinking, feeling and data Underutilized technical and institutional capabilities are exacerbating high-risk exposures

Intelligence and Indices for Insight

  • Portal View

    Situational awareness

  • Analyst View

    Perception vs. Reality

  • Deep Intel

    Emerging issues in specific geographies