Climate change and growing water scarcity is increasing risk for businesses and governments around the globe. Vector Center helps global corporations, institutions, and governments predict and understand how rapidly changing water, food, and energy resources will impact stability, supply chains, sustainability, and brand. Its team has decades of experience dedicated exclusively to water security and currently advises the World Economic Forum. Vector Center combines award-winning experience in water security with its proprietary artificial intelligent analytics engine to identify and mitigate risks, guide investment decisions, ensure continuity, and protect shareholder value with unparalleled accuracy, context, and foresight.

Ethical global corporations, governments, and institutions rely on Vector Center to inform their investment decisions, ensure business continuity, and protect profitability, reputation and shareholder value.

Vector Center’s team includes world-recognized environmental scientists, independent strategy consultants, researchers, data scientists, and journalists. It was founded in 2014 as the consulting partner to Circle of Blue, the foremost reporting organization dedicated to educating policymakers and the public about water security issues and hot spots around the world.

Global Guidance on Existential Questions: The Nexus of Water, Food, and Energy on…

Fortune 500 companies, governments, and NGOs work with Vector Center to help shape and inform a variety of strategic investment decisions and response plans to address questions such as:

  • Supply Chain and Production Management: What are the potential risk and impact scenarios of water security on local producer, supplier, and market activity across your global supply chain?
  • Resilience: How will changing water, food, and energy conditions affect your Business Continuity Planning programs and Disaster Risk and Recovery initiatives?
  • Brand Value: How does freshwater scarcity or groundwater pollution affect your perception with local communities and target consumers? What could you change in your offer, availability, or packaging to appeal to millennials and emerging middle classes?
  • Sustainability: What are the possible and likely scenarios for water, food, and energy availability that could affect our sourcing, production, waste disposal, and recycling? Where do we stand today to align and comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, for example?
  • Shareholder Value: Where are the hot spots and vulnerable areas affecting capital investments? How would you respond to a crisis or recall?

Truth in Context: What We Deliver

Vector Center develops actionable information for decision makers to drive economic development and business growth, and to identify and mitigate risks to reputation, revenue, and resiliency. Our service includes:

  • Actionable analysis using our Perception Reality Engine™ for interactive reporting, benchmarks, scorecards, and ongoing monitoring. This patented process uses machine learning, sentiment analysis and semantic intelligence that’s uniquely trained on water security to unlock otherwise hidden insights. The engine analyzes and monitors key geospatial and location data from open and proprietary sources along with tens of thousands of media streams to provide ongoing situational awareness on changing conditions to make the best informed choices.
  • On-call access to industry-leading investigators and field analysts to advise clients on pressing issues and share best and latest thinking on areas of interest.
  • In-depth workshops to help executives define, clarify and prioritize key issues.

Vector Center can overlay its visualizations with your business flows to depict, pinpoint, and match threats and opportunities aligned with your key issues and markets. Using the Perception Reality Engine™ — sentiment analysis, on-the-ground investigative reporting, and predictive analytics about fresh water availability — we paint scenarios and give probabilities for crises in supply chains, risks of environmental hazards, or other situations. It’s what we call “Truth in Context.” This intelligence not only informs risk and response scenarios, it can also drive new areas of innovation.

Working with Vector Center: Deepest Experience. Dedicated Investment. Exceptional Access.

We deliver more than intelligence to our clients. Given the existential importance of these issues, we deliver trust based on:

  • Advisory roles serving the World Economic Forum, Fortune 50 CEOs, government and industry policy makers, and the Vatican.
  • Two years of R&D investment in AI, big-data, and a patent-pending process, which combines semantic, sentiment, and predictive analytics.
  • The world’s strongest network, reaching the most significant independent experts, policymakers, opinion leaders, and investors related to water and resource security.

A Boardroom Imperative

Grave economic, reputational, and environmental hazards, demonstrated on six continents, await companies and governments that fail to anticipate and adequately respond to water risks and the potent social allegiances people have for their freshwater resources. The time to act is now — for reasons global and local, regulatory and socially responsible.