A precarious moment in human history with no margin of error

Intelligence Projects

Vector Center’s intelligence projects are customized on-the-ground projects that delve deep into issues or geographies. These projects include collection and analysis of relevant data, contextualization of current problems and players, and fact-based narratives.

Vector Center provides actionable intelligence to address:

Capital Investment

How will changing water, food, and energy availability affect investment decisions, and sustainability goals and commitments?

Supply Chain & Production

Where are the hot spots and vulnerable areas along supply chains especially at risk with changes in water, food, and energy availability?


How brand value can be optimized in light of changing water and resource security? What kind of communication campaigns are needed to align with public sentiment?

Risk & Resilience

What is coming around the corner and what insights and projections are actionable for supply teams, security, operations, HR, and insurance?


How do we align sustainability needs with shareholder, investor, and stakeholder objectives?

Thought Leadership & CSR

How can stewardship and leadership have the biggest impact? And, which regions are most vulnerable and fit within strategic frameworks?