DLD Munich 2020

DLD 2020: Agenda, who’s who. What’s happening. What are you adding?

Are we clinging to societal models that will be discontinued? What role will quantum computing play in shaping the future?  What role will arts play in shaping a future guided by creativity, humanity, and open minds?

These are just a few of the themes unfolding at the DLD2020 Conference in Munich, the annual gathering of innovators, investors, media leaders, and technology pioneers. It was here where Mark Zuckerberg made his big-stage debut, and where Lady Gaga, then relatively unknown, played the evening reception. It’s no doubt a space for big ideas, and looking around the corner to see what lies ahead. 

“Don’t lament.” said host Steffi Czarny, referencing the era of decidedly perilous times of fake news and skepticism of technology’s unbounded promise. Take action. “What are you adding?” she asked.

What am I adding?

I’m preparing for my session, “Designing Water’s Future,” on the Munich stage this afternoon where I have a few surprises planned. How can understanding perception and reality and global movements shift the world’s dangerous course for water?

– J Carl Ganter, Vector Center CEO